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Blood pH

With Blood pH, you can quickly determine the acid-base disorder of your patient and whether he’s adequately compensating it. If he is not Blood pH will also report the disturbance that’s preventing this.

All this information is inserted visually, in a beautiful interactive graph, in order to let you better understand what’s happening. When appropriate, Blood pH also lets you calculate the anion-gap or the A-a Difference, to obtain a better characterization of the source of the disturbance.


  • Interactive color graph were you can plot, with a touch on the screen, your patient’s disturbance and see the relationship between pH, PaCO2 and HCO3
  • There’s also a black & white version of the graph, with increased contrast between elements
  • Context sensitive Anion gap and A-a Difference calculators to better characterize the disturbance
  • The A-a difference calculator can use your current atmospheric pressure to improve it’s accuracy
  • Universal app with iPad an iPhone support