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Code CPR is an iOS timer for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or others medical procedures.

Code CPR allows for the quick and easy timing and registration of events during incidents or medical procedures in the emergency room, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). 

In this environment it is important, yet very difficult, to maintain a reliable record of what is happening, as well as to accurately record the amount of elapsed time. It was to assist those who are likely to perform these functions that this app was created. 


Main timer with customizable start time

This timer works as a stopwatch and is customizable with a simple button press, allowing running time to be changed. This can be useful, as the resuscitation could already be in progress when the app is activated.

From four to five (on the iPhone 5) completely customizable mini timers with alarm and repeat function

These timers can be used as reminders of time critical procedures, using either a visual or auditory alarm. The latter will speak it's name or beep as many times as the current minute count, helping to identify it. A repeating mode is included for periodic tasks. Customizable labels help remembering what each timer is for.

Record events during Calls

You can record all events made and observed during a CPR or other procedures and review them later, so you would't forget anything. The app already comes with near 100 predefined events but you can add (or delete) new ones in your own categories.

These can be marked as favorites for easy selection, or searched for by name and category.

Log book

All the events are stored on log book, with the date and time during the procedure in which they were added. They can be exported in text format to either clipboard or e-mail.

Metronome for cardiac massage

Will play a sound to the frequency chosen by the user (between 100 and 160 bpm), thus helping to achieve the desired stroke rate of external cardiac massage.

Record vital signs during CPR

When you need you can also record the patient vital signs and retrieve them as events, to help you remember them.

Quick power on

It will turn on quickly and prevent the iPhone from entering sleep mode when running. To speed up starting time in a new resuscitation timers will reset after a predefined inactivity time.