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GEDV (Global End-Diastolic Volume) and GEDI (Global End-Diastolic Volume Index) are a cardiac preload assessment measures. The latter being GEDV divided by the body surface area in square meters[1][2].

Being a volime they are independent of the heart compliance and all the adjoining structures, giving a more accurate picture of preload than a pressure.

Unfortunately they can’t distinguish between the left and right sides of the heart, giving a incomplete picture of the distribution of preload between the chambers.

They are obtained by the transpulmonary thermodilution method as given by the PiCCO and VolumeView devices.


  • The patient must have a CVC and special designed arterial line connect to a PiCCO or EV1000 monitor.
  • Obtained after a thermodilution curve analysis, usually with a cold saline bolus, so it isn’t continuous.

Reference Value

Reference Value
680–800 ml/m2