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CodeCPR 4

João Colaço

Hi all.

A new version of Code CPR has been pushed to the App Store with a new interface.

This lead to a redesign of a lot of functions of the app. For a review of them jump to the app page or try the new version.

The highlights are:

  • Now there's a tab bar to help you navigate the app. You can now quickly jump from the timers to adding events or vitals.
  • There are a lot of events types and they could be hard to find even if you could used the search function. Now the events are inside their own categories, declutering the interface. If you want you could check them as favorites, making them appear on the main event view.
  • You can now view all the events wherever you are on the interface
  • New, easy to use log viewer

There are many more other improvements and bug fixes. Try it now.

For comments or requests contact me or leave a comment below.